my chosen meaning



To support others in their suffering

to help them be worthy of their suffering

to guide their actions and show them how to live at peace with yourself

to teach universal principles that are out of my reach

All deserve love, it is the only way through,

the only way to save yourself is forgiveness.

No one is beaten into love; acid tongues leave scars.

Guide others through the forest onto the path you once walked

or another quite like it – do not mock those who are lost.

You were not born with perfect sight. You too have much to (un)learn.

When you got turned around, they were led astray and have made a home in the wasteland


I cannot attain the highest ways of living –

my core works against this goal, it belongs to Simone’s sub-man –

yet I see them so clearly, the figure that could save itself. Save us all.


I am the fried brain in a cooked world.

I stand both well-adjusted and a quivering mess.

I see through myself always questioning, never satisfied with the answer –

I try not to judge covers.


My inner peace is fleeting.

My destination is the journey.

Fear, my faulty compass; comfort, my desert.

My enemy is no one. My enemy is covered roots. My enemy is deceit. My enemy is posturing.

My mirrors are everywhere.