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Patrick Dwyer and Assoc 422 High StNorthcote VIC 3070

(03) 9489 0900     26 September 2013

Dear Mr Dwyer,

This is to inform you that I will be lodging a formal complaint to the Legal Services Commissioner against Natasha Vanderheyden and yourself as a preliminary action.

This will allow Ms.Vanderheyden the opportunity to explain what provision in the law allows for the deliberate misleading of a client in regards admissibility of evidence and to treat them as essentially mentally defective imbeciles, summarily dismissing their allegations and evidence out of hand, as the products of delusion, while having never met them before, or having prior knowledge of the case or available evidence.

She will also have the opportunity to explain, what provision in the law gave her the legal right to interfere and orchestrate the outcome of a forensic assessment without my knowledge or permission, a private dealing between myself that rendered the document useless for the purpose for which it was required, and left me incarcerated as a result.

What provision in the law gave her the right to furnish Dr Owens with prejudicial documentation regarding police charges that subsequently formed the basis of the report, charges that I have maintained are spurious and had not been tested in court, and for which council made no effort in ascertaining their veracity? Deceitful, premeditated and no doubt criminal actions, in order to engineer an outcome desired by Ms.Vanderheyden that was diametrically opposed to that for which the document was commissioned. Actions criminal in their recklessness, carried out with a malicious intent that were potentially life threatening under the prevailing circumstances.

I only learnt that Dr Owen had been furnished the documents in question when he was organising himself upon arrival the day of the assessment, whereby he held them up scrunched in one hand to indicate he had been given some material. There was no indication on his part that they were to serve as anything other than reference material, nor any attempt made to apprise me, or allow me to address their content. I could only ascertain that there was a letter I had written to you personally Patrick, as it was hand written, a letter that you did not see fit to respond to, but saw fit to divulge its contents, a personal communication, to the person carrying out my assessment and behind my back.

It took six weeks from the bail hearing where Ms.Vanderheyden was my representative (on paper only) until the completion of the report, by which time I had dismissed your council before she could do further damage to my reputation and my case.

I e-mailed  Dr Owen and followed with two phone calls to ensure the report be sent directly to my brother, as you were no longer my representative, a directive that was subsequently ignored as the report was sent to your office.

I don't know who you gave the report to, but I did not give permission for a potentially sensitive, confidential report that I had not read myself to be handed to anyone but my brother. You treated this document with similar disdain, contempt and disregard for my rights and the potential consequences as everything else, and the result was catastrophic.

My actions have had but one aim, to have a fellow human being treated with the dignity and respect she deserves, who has suffered death and been treated as worthless by a mob of slothful philistines. I have a conscience that is clear and a spotless character that cannot be stained by the malicious slanders that originate from minds that occupy the bottom of the cesspool.

David Dieni

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Moreland Community Legal Center
ATT: The principle, Mr Scott Ashley

My Name is David Dieni,

I attended the offices of the Moreland Community Legal Centre approximately 2 years ago with an open and shut case against the police and the coroner over the failures of police to follow the code of practice into family violence that cost the life of my closest friend Rachael Anne Keogh.

Mr Ashley would not look at my evidence and told me I was probably in shock and denial and berated me for calling the main culprit evil. He also suggested I was mentally unstable by asking me what medication I was on….I don’t have a mental illness, and if I did, what difference does that make to the evidence?

The mentally ill are severely disadvantaged as it is often thrown in their face by reactionary arseholes who seek to avoid dealing with the issue at hands. This is precisely what Mr Ashley did to me; because he is a coward like every other solicitor I dealt who subordinate themselves to the dictates of thugs and war criminals.

Mr Ashsley was condescending, haughty, smug, he treated me as an inferior, and worst of all he invalidated my best friend’s murder, the despicable degenerate

I ended up being framed by police and did four months jail because of this animal, and was forced to plead guilty to get out on time served….for telling the “whole truth”.

Mr. Ashley’s behavior was that of a cowardly, unprincipled careerist lackey.

With contempt

David James Dieni

Thursday 12th Feb 2015

Doc 3

Suite 5, 556-558 North Road ORMOND 3204 Ph. 0405 147 440

Ms Lakic

Thank you for your correspondence, as there is nothing more repugnant than the unprincipled philistine claiming the moral high ground from the bottom of the cesspool.

You now have my evidence and there is no question my claims are 100% valid. “My abuse” was directed at an unprincipled lackey who was attempting to invalidate my claims, totally ignoring the level of police criminality involved and presuming to tell me that I have misunderstood what I was told and that you know better, though you had not seen a scrap of evidence or spoken to anyone in relation to this case!

It takes a lot of principle to invalidate serious claims of this nature without looking at the evidence. I have been put through hell for four years, it has destroyed my family and I have been pushed to the edge only to be confronted with more of the same from you.

This will go public with the rest.


David J Dieni

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 4:51 PM, Tanya Lakic <>wrote:

Your rude language and behaviour on the telephone yesterday was completely unacceptable, intimidating and abusive and in the circumstances I am unable to provide you with any assistance.

Tanya Lakic

Doc 4

February 15, 2015

ATT. The principle Mr Cini.

Dear Mr Cini,

My name is David Dieni and twice I have used your services over the past several years, and twice I was abused by your staff causing great personal distress. Assertions that I had been obsessive to any degree are vile slanders to discredit an innocent man with the principles and courage to stand up to corrupt authorities. You label my behaviour as obsessive, yet I doubt you would say the same of police working on a ten year old murder for instance.

My evidence is water tight, the actions of police in committing serious criminal offences to hide their dereliction of duty is irrefutable, crimes that would see me incarcerated for years.

This is a country of unprincipled cowards and lackeys and the closer you deal with higher authority the more cowardly, vile, putrid and disgustingly criminal it becomes. What you and Dr Owen have done is utterly reprehensible and renders you complicit.

With contempt

David J Dieni

Doc 5

Dear Miss Hibbard    March 19/3/2012

CEO White Ribbon.

"White Ribbon invites men to swear an oath never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. The White Ribbon Oath is a commitment to promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards women and, when needed, intervene safely to prevent violence against women."

13. Offering support and taking action. Experience has shown that when people start to talk about violence they can often feel compelled to disclose their own experience. Alternatively you may recognise the signs of violence in a family member, friend, neighbour or work colleague and wonder what to do.

You are in clear breach of your own charter. You are being silent and you are putting further lives at risk in doing so. To blithely say "we are not an advocacy group" is the same as washing your hands of it like Pontius Pilate.

Your organization does advocate intervention in individual cases; if that is not advocacy I don't know what is. To offer any excuse as legitimate for allowing a predator to fly under the radar, especially from an organization such as yours is tragic and makes the whole thing a farce and explains how Tony Abbot gets a Guernsey as an ambassador.


David James Dieni