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"The health of a society can be best measured by how it treats it's most vulnerable"

I sought help for a friend and with the assistance of trained mental health professionals and the constabulary my friend ends up dead and I wind up in jail. Such is the advanced stage of decay of our "so called" democrarcy that no recourse through the courts is possible, while DV and feminist organisations that I have been in contact with are not interested in this particular case of DV, Rachael underserving of their concern or attention. here Doc 5

The intelligentsia, the 'professional class' are little more than dependable credentialled government lackey’s whose main concern is in preserving their positions of privilege. The legal fraternities capitualtion has been utterly pathetic, as they deliberately and illegally derailed my case, actively providing cover for corrupt authorities, and share their complicity. here Docs 1, 2, 3, & 4


 Every life is precious, none are expendable and veryone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

"The levels of freedoms and decency in any society are those that have been fought for and maintained by the vigilance of the people themselves."

Do we treat each life as precious? Do we show the necessary resolve and hold authority to account? Are we vigilant? Ha!


The known degenerates and cowards who aided and abetted Rachael's murder:

The Police

Senior Constable Matthew Harris

Senior Constable Damien Dean

Constable Andrew Howard

Senior Constable Paul Thomas

Senior Constable Stewart

Constable Brown

The Coroner

Kim Parkinson


Incarceration Magistrate Wighton

Sentencing Magistrate Wakeling

The coroners' findings in Rachael's case (No 1218/2011) have been suppressed with no reason given.