A interminable wait

My days now consisted of filling in time with bike rides into the city, reading and watching videos about BPD and writing music that provided an outlet for the overwhelming of emotion I was experiencing. I read Rachael's Facebook and she seemed happy enough, though you can't really tell. Apparently she and Keith were planning a trip to Europe I think it was, and no prizes for guessing who would be footing that bill, that reminds me of how concerned I was that Keith's wasteful, profligate spending would have Rachael taking on more shifts than she could cope with to keep up with expenses, as he was not working. I sent a couple more messages without reply and wrote the song 'All my love' and dropped in her mailbox with a copy of 'Roman Holiday' with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

All my Love (what's it good for?) Play

Another missed opportunity.

A couple of months had passed and I still hadn't heard anything, when one day out of the blue Rachael called for but a brief second, as I heard Keith in the background asking who was on the phone, at which point Rachael hung up. Predators like Keith are notorious for cutting their victims off from friends and family so as to dominate and control them completely, something I was aware he had done in the past, and it appeared that this was the case and that he forbade her to contact me. At any rate, I thought Rachael would ring me from work on her break, as she often did when we were living together.

At the time Rachael rang I wasn't thinking clearly, as I was struggling with chronic fatigue to the point where I could barely concentrate or function and was essentially housebound for about two months until it mysteriously passed of its own accord. That Rachael had rung told me that she was not hostile towards me and she was seeking contact, all I had to was drive over and text her to meet me outside or wait for her to leave the house when she went to work, shopping, or to walk the bibby. That phone call was a cry for help, and I had missed it.

Another month went by without change, and I was still just as clueless about the issue of domestic violence and still sitting it out. One Thursday evening my daughter come a visiting after work as she would from time to time, and after a few minutes of chit chat she suddenly adopted a more serious tone and said, "I am sorry Dad but there is something that I wish I didn't have to tell you, Rachael is dead." Apparently, Keith had rung my ex-wife and told her, and claimed it was a suicide. I had no reason to believe otherwise, and though I knew Keith was ultimately responsible, I didn't think there was anything I could really do about it.

The news of Rachael's death was just impossible for me to process at first, and after my daughter left I just sat there detached and without emotion, while at some level I was aware that a tsunami of pain was to follow. The next morning I woke and tsunami was already looming, and so I went through this mental checklist to ascertain what resources I had at my disposable to help me get through this, but there was nothing, the cupboard was bare and for the first time in my life I knew what it meant to be terrified. I knew the second I accepted Rachael's death, I was going to experience pain that would be agonising, and I was so scared that I consciously retreated into denial. Rachael wasn't dead; she was on holidays and would be back soon. For two weeks I kept it up, all the while having imaginary conversations with her that we would then have together when she arrived back.

Problems first started when I attempted to pay my last respects to Rachael at the coroners’ court, to find I was barred by Keith. The Wiesel was now playing the grieving fiancée and was taking control of funeral arrangements. I rang legal advice and was told that he was within his rights; I then went to the local police station to complain about my rights being infringed upon, knowing I would get nowhere, but as I had intention of breaking the intervention order and going to see Keith to demand my rights, I wanted to show I had exhausted all other avenues first.

I made the following audio recording of my conversation with Keith the day I went to see him. He was aware it was being made, and so it is admissible evidence under the law. The two threatening phone calls added at the end are from Keith.

Keith B. narcissistic projection, lies and guilt

For some who just lost the love of his life because of a fight he had with her led to her taking her own life, Keith shows no signs that he is grieving, while his unhinged death threats and accusation that I murdered Rachael sounds suspiciously like projection to me, and the more I learnt the more certain I am that Keith B took Rachael’s life. On this recording alone Keith and I are accusing each other of acts of serious abuse against Rachael, yet none of this was investigated. Keith, who has a history of abuse, has never had to front court at any time.

He rang four people to tell of Rachael's death and gave four different accounts of what took place and not one of them made any sense. While the next door neighbour heard Rachael slam the front door around the time she died, as she said, "it's over Keith". Not something you would say when contemplating suicide, while of the 260 homicide incidents in 2007–08, the majority (52 percent) were classified domestic homicides involving one or more victims who shared a family or domestic relationship with the offender.(1) There is also the incident where Keith believing Rachael had taken and overdose, did all he could to ensure no one intervened, he certainly did nothing but wait and hoped that she would die. 

(Whether Keith B. actually took Rachael's life, or drove her to suicide by undermining her psychologically, he is still responsible in either case according to to the law.)

"This satirical song, released with the evidence of the cover-up was used as a pretext for incarceration!"

Upholding the law Play

The police did attend that day and took my details and reason as to why I had contravened the intervention order. Upon hearing my reason and being satisfied that I represented no physical threat, I was told that the incident would not be followed up as there was already a court hearing pending regarding the same order. However, about a week later the same officer called me and said charges were to be laid and I had to attend the Mill Park Police station to make a statement.

At the time I was unaware the police were up to anything untoward, but in hindsight, I now know this was the beginning of the police cover-up of SC Matt Harris' dereliction of duty. The validity of my claims are to be found in the criminal activity the police engaged in to cover for Harris.

When I attended the Mill Park station for my interview I told police once again that I believed Keith to be responsible for Rachael’s death. This was a claim of domestic violence which they were duty bound to act according to the Code of Practice even though Rachael was now deceased. As far as they knew this was the first time I had made the allegation. But they did nothing because their intention was to keep me busy dealing with other charges in court. I already sensed something was wrong with their attitude, and the fact Rachael was a taboo subject, it was clear she was not to be spoken of. This was not only illegal and unethical, it also stripped of rights under the family violence act whereby I could have challenged Keith’s right to have anything further to do with Rachael’s estate and gained control of it myself. Instead, I was barred from the funeral, had no opportunity to pay my respects and do not know where Rachael’s remains are to this day.

Because of Keith’s paranoia and fear of being found out, he forbade any death notices being placed in the papers, he forbade anyone to attend other than immediate family, all of whom had abused Rachael without exception, including her fiancée and executioner Keith himself. Rachael’s property should have been divided between her niece Chelsea, her nephew Patrick and her lifelong school friend Rosie. Instead, it was fought over by parasitic abusers, to what end I do not know.

How could you let a killer go? Play

Rachael lost her life due to the failure of one officer to do his job and then was treated like garbage as his scum sucking cowardly colleagues covered for him. This necessitated in rewriting my statements to the coroner, a serious Federal crime, a crime supported by the coroner herself who when told of the doctoring of evidence said, she didn’t need any evidence in this case.(2) This constitutes aiding and abetting a murder by the police involved including the coroner herself, and that is exactly what has taken place. When I was able to prove my case against police my home was raided, fake charges were laid against me and I was jailed for four months to remain silent.

I am the only person that has told the truth, the only person who had not committed a crime, the only person to produce evidence to support allegations, the only person concerned about the loss of life and the only person to serve prison time, and it all started out by trying to help a friend. Rachael and I were fine when we only had to rely on each other, it was the failure and outright criminal ineptitude of the “so called” professionals that we engaged that contributed as much to Rachael’s death as did her assailant Keith B himself.

Keith B's behaviour throughout has been consistent with that of a psychopathic predator, the stalking, love bombing, the alienation, false allegations and his past history all point to a person of concern that the police have let walk free so one of their own did not have to face discipline for not doing his job.

If Rachael's death was a suicide as claimed

1. Why have the police falsified evidence to the coroner?

2. Why was I falsely imprisoned?

3. Why has Keith B. never been questioned or faced court to answer allegations against him? Why has a background check on him not been done, in accordance with requirements of the Code of Practice?

4. Where is the copy of the family violence report that police are required to do by law investigating my claim that Rachael was a victim of family violence?

5. Why are the details of Rachael's death suppressed at the coroners' court without reason given?

(1) Australian government study Domestic violence in Australia—an overview of the issues 22 November. 2011

(2) The falsification of Coronal evidence.

Evidence of Police and Coronal corruption.