Lady Spider

R.I.P. Patrick Keogh

As soon as Rachael settled in we went to work. Her G.P. put her on disability, while an appointment was made for her to see a psychiatrist. Rachael collapsed with exhaustion right after her father's funeral and slept for a month straight the poor girl. I was glad I had met Rachael when I did, as I knew I had come into her life at just the right time and her into mine.

The family         

Rachael’s father had left her a neat little villa unit in his Will. Her only sibling was her brother Patrick who had inherited the family home years earlier and had no legal claim to anything other than some nick-nacks as keep-sakes, not that this would deter him from trying his luck in getting his filthy mitts on what he could.

One day while Rachael was out scavenging her way around Brunswick op shops, and I was doing a little refurbishing at her unit, her sister-in-law Peta rang, and what a delight she was to talk to.


“Hello, its Peta here, Rachael’s sister-in-law is that you David?”

“Hello Peta yes its David, Rachael isn’t here at the moment, can I help you?"

“Maybe? Do you and Rachael know that if Rachael sells the unit the money goes to my daughter Chelsea?”

“No, first I’ve heard of it, but don't stress over it, Rachael’s not thinking of selling.

“O.K., well you do know we are entitled to some items from the unit and I have a list here so you can put them aside. There is the vacuum cleaner, the TV, a Panasonic camera, an electric drill, a ladder and a single bed from the spare room”

“What about fridge and oven? Better still, why not hire a property relocation firm and take the whole unit and be done with it? I'm sure Rachael can make do with a tent or something."

"Are you serious?"

"Why are you? The Will says you are entitled to take some keepsakes that have been put on a table in the garage for you. You can take whatever you like, not including the garage door.”

“You came along at the wrong time didn’t you, you @%$ ^&*( $%^.”

“Why, what time is it?”


What are family for, if not to push you to your limits and take away your will to live?

"Rachael loved this song because it was inspired by her rescue Tabby Cat, “Minxamena” (aka The Girlene)."

Tinfoil Cat    Play

Rachael and the Doctors

Doctor IK

Rachael had suffered from anxiety and depression for years due to her history and knew she needed help and was prepared to do the work, this issue was finding someone who could help.

Upon recommendation, we booked an appointment with a Doctor IK. We attended doctor's rooms together where Rachael told him her history and the problems she was having. I don’t recall much of what he said other than he didn’t want us on the computer doing our own investigations,.....that is why we were engaging a professional. He then prescribed an anti-depressant to help with Rachael's depression and that was the end of our first visit.

Rachael had been seeing Doctor IK for about six months when she received a letter from him terminating his services "forthwith". The reason given was that Rachael had missed two appointments that he could have used in treating other patients. Rachael had missed the aforementioned appointments but had rang the practice beforehand with a valid reason and had paid the cancellation fee the same day.

Rachael had been a respectful and compliant patient and regular in her attendance, while the very nature of mental health issues is with fraught with instability. The whole thing was just ridiculous, nonsensical while the hypocrisy was staggering, as he had terminated services breaching his duty of care obligations that triggered her feelings of self-loathing. “I liked Doctor IK, now even he has rejected me”.

"It was not the first time Rachael had had a bad experience with psychiatrists. To be in need of help only to find yourself worse off months later is demoralising, as you are literally fighting for your life. In all the time we attended Doctor IK's practice he gave no indication of his assessment or of any strategy he was following."

Doctor GW

Next was Doctor GW. We attended his rooms in Richmond where again Rachael went over her history and concerns. Doctor asked her questions mainly about to do with anxiety and switched anti-depressants. Rachael informed the Doctor that she had previously been prescribed that anti-depressant without benefit, and so another medication was added as an adjunct.

Rachael continued to see Doctor GW for about five months. At the last two visits, Doctor GW insisted that he could see an improvement in Rachael that neither of us did, and Rachael was descending into a state of hopelessness and deep depression as a result. We couldn't understand why he was saying this because he kept things close to his chest and volunteered no information.

At Rachael's next appointment she was just about in tears when told him how she was feeling, yet he continued to insist that could see improvement and that she should be patient. Rachael said patience wasn’t an issue; the issue was being told she was improving when she feeling worse.

It had got to the point where I had to speak up. "I don't understand what is happening here. Rachael says she is feeling depressed and hopeless and she is more depressed and hopeless than I have ever seen her and yet you insist otherwise. So, either there is a condition where getting worse is a sign of getting better or Rachael and I are too stupid to know the difference? You never tell us anything, so which is it?

It was then that Doctor GW seems to have had a sudden epiphany, and could now see there was a problem, and I knew it was going to me, and of course, it was. I was an enabler, who was somehow undermining his treatment, he didn't really elaborate. He didn’t say much of anything else really, he begrudging prescribed another anti-depressant, whereupon Rachael and I left his surgery drained and bewildered. 

The following day

The following day Rach jumped onto her computer for a bit of an on-line chit-chat, which was something naughty Rach was told she should not do, doctor’s orders. With the allegation of “enabler” still fresh in the memory banks I said to Rach, “we have to follow doctor’s instructions, otherwise this isn’t going to work out”.

Good one Dave you idiot. Before I knew what had happened, Rachael had grabbed her jacket, flown out of the front door and jumped in her car and was gone in seconds flat.

After a couple of hours I started worrying, I rang Rosie’s and she wasn’t there and her mobile had been switched off. A few more hours had passed and now I was getting really worried when finally I receive a call from a woman informing me that Rachael had attempted to jump from the Bolte Bridge, but that I should not worry as she was safe, uninjured and had been admitted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

I got in the car and drove directly to the hospital to find Rachael sedated and calm, but none the wiser as to what had precipitated this sudden urgency to end her life. She was transferred to the Broadmeadows psych unit later that evening and there was nothing more to be done until the following morning.

The next morning I arrived at Broadmeadows to find Rachael was in session with a couple of psychiatrists. I was permitted to sit in on proceedings where I was informed that Doctor GW had cited the most likely cause of Rachael’s suicide attempt was the reaction to a recent change in medication. I told them this was impossible, as there had been no change to medication, and that a new script had only been issued the day before. I did tell them of the incident that seemed to precipitate Rachael’s flight, but there was no response and I don’t know what they made of it.